Come experience the first filming of the Pro/Am Superstars Invitational. Revolutionizing Pro/Am dancing worldwide!


Throughout the year, a select panel of judges has been appointed across the United States to select some of America's most advanced Pro/Am competitors to represent their style of dance in the Pro/Am Superstars Invitational held at the Atlanta Dance Classic “the Blackpool of Pro/Am” & Rising Star Newcomers Circuit Grand Finale. Eighteen couples will be invited to participate in the Pro/Am Superstars Invitational. Should you be selected, you will participate in elimination rounds to determine the final six couples who will move on that evening and dance a 30 second dance on with house lights off and spotlight on before dancing your final round.

The competitors who make the final round will dance for the top prizes:

  • 1st Place Prize: one year dress/men attire sponsorship
  • 2nd Place Prize: one year shoe sponsorship
  • 3rd Place Prize: package to the Atlanta Dance Classic for the following year plus one year sponsorship (advertising) your pictures on ads and brochures

If selected for the Challenge, you are already considered one of America's top dancers. Once selected, you will receive an invitation via the email and/or regular mail. Please note that you have up to 30 days to respond to the invitation. As the teams are invited, you will see them posted on Please sign and return your confirmation and acceptance of the Invitational to Eddie Ares at 404-254-1073 (fax) or

As the teams are invited, you will see them posted below.


  • Lauren Kraus/Jim Maranto
  • Aja Pascale/Ian Folker
  • Ann Morsilli/Tibor Kerekes
  • Regina Ruff/Eddie Ares
  • Diane Stockton/Leon Selby RS
  • Anita Fong/Jorge Morales
  • Ann Yearian/John Money RS S
  • Lyn Riddle/Joe Locurto RS
  • Sarah Olson/Jeff Trent
  • Mike Bronze/Elizabeth Partain RS
  • Tracy Fowler/Roy Jordan
  • Doris Armstrong/David Wood


  • Ann Morsilli/Tibor Kerekes
  • Robin Vasquez/Jani Szukk
  • Jessica Nicol/Dave Hannigan
  • Kia Malone/Eddie Rivera
  • Yasmin Llevada/Michael Neil
  • Regina Ruff/Eddie Ares
  • Aja Pascale/Ian Folker
  • Tatiana Gonzalez/Brent Hyskell
  • Darla Davies/Jim Maranto
  • Diane Stockton/Leon Selby
  • Mike Bronze/Elizabeth Partain